Statement Regarding Democratic Primary Opponents

March 4, 2022
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Statement Regarding Democratic Primary Opponents

Statement from Aaron Lieberman

"Today is yet another day in which Arizona gubernatorial candidates are making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Arizona deserves a Governor who will be focused on serving our state, not fending off a constant cycle of controversy.

"Arizonans want their schools to be fully funded and for the state to implement sustainable solutions to climate change; not the embarrassment of being associated with scandal-plagued politicians. This isn’t about winning but, rather, about restoring decency to our politics here in Arizona.

"These headlines don’t highlight minor stumbles, they are part of a public record that cannot be ignored or overcome. The tens of millions of dollars in Republican attack ads will ensure that every Democrat down the ballot suffers as well. This time, these ads won’t have to invent or embellish anything–the facts are damning enough. 

"The simple truth is that for a Democrat to win statewide in Arizona, they need to run a near perfect race. With today’s news, I don’t see how either Secretary Hobbs or Mr. Lopez can pull that off.  From the beginning of this campaign, I have said I am the only Democrat in the race that can win in November–these two stories just further prove that point."