Repairing Our Politics

Growing up in Arizona, our political leaders demonstrated the basic values of collaboration and respect by working together at the State Capitol.

Burton Barr, the Senate Majority Leader, was a Republican, but he sat down with his Democratic colleague in the Senate, Alfredo Gutierrez, and made decisions on how they could move forward together. Our governors were sometimes Democrats and sometimes Republicans, but regardless of their party affiliations, the needs of all Arizonans were put first.

When I moved back home to Arizona a few years ago, I was struck by how much the place I love had changed. Twenty years of one-party rule has allowed a small group of far-right politicians to ignore the other party and effectively take sole control of our state government.

I am running to be the Governor for all of Arizona. Arizonans by and large are not as far apart on the issues as some would have us believe. I will find common ground on the biggest issues facing our state and I’ll do it without playing partisan games or demonizing people with different views.

Our state’s legislative culture starts in the Governor’s office on the Ninth Floor.  As the state’s chief executive I’ll set the tone to make sure that I am working with elected leaders in the legislature, and in our counties, cities, and towns, in good faith.  Building a relationship based on trust is the first step in helping us all work together to move this great state forward.