Release: LD24 Rep. Shah Endorses Aaron Lieberman For Governor, Adding To A Growing List Of Prominent Supporters


Release: LD24 Rep. Shah Endorses Aaron Lieberman For Governor, Adding To A Growing List Of Prominent Supporters


PHOENIX, AZ - Candidate for Arizona governor, Rep. Aaron Lieberman, continues to gain endorsements from lawmakers in Arizona.

This morning, Legislative District 24 State Representative Dr. Amish Shah gave his formal endorsement of Rep. Lieberman. 

Rep. Shah said, "I have watched Aaron represent our values and do it in a way that actually gets things done, which is really, really hard to come by. He is smart, hardworking, charismatic, and actually able to take everybody and get them on to see his vision. And that’s why I endorse Aaron Lieberman for Governor." 

Shah is the latest in a growing list of lawmakers who have announced their support for Lieberman. They include: 

LD 3 Representative Alma Hernandez: "As a public health professional, I know there is nothing more important than helping more Arizonans get access to affordable, high-quality care.  I know this will be one of Aaron’s top priorities as Governor.  I’ve also worked with Aaron closely in the legislature for the last three years, and if I know if he sets his mind to something, he will move heaven and earth to make it happen.  That’s the tenacity we need in the Governor's office, and that’s why I am supporting Aaron for Arizona."

LD7 Representative Myron Tsosie: "I proudly & wholeheartedly endorse Aaron Lieberman for Governor. Aaron knows the struggles that Tribal Communities face every day, from infrastructure, lack of broadband, healthcare to education. Please join me in supporting Aaron Lieberman for Governor."

LD17 Representative Jennifer Pawlik: "I am proud to endorse Aaron Lieberman for Governor of Arizona.  Aaron is an effective, hard-working leader who enjoys engaging with people and problem-solving.  When we served on the House Education Committee during our first term, I saw his commitment to ensuring all children have access to quality programs, affordable programming from preschool through university. I hope you will join me in supporting Aaron Lieberman for Governor!” 

LD19 Representative Diego Espinoza: "As a small business owner and a state representative, I know how hard it has been to get through the Pandemic. Representative Lieberman was there every step of the way fighting for small businesses like mine to get the help and support they needed. He’s been a champion for all small business owners, and we need him as our next Governor to help build an Arizona where everyone can get back to work."

Aaron Lieberman, state representative for Legislative District 28 and a social entrepreneur, is a candidate for governor of Arizona. After seeing first-hand the effectiveness and success of early childhood intervention programs, Aaron launched Jumpstart, a national nonprofit to ensure all children had the opportunity to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.  To date, more than 50,000 college students have served, working with more than 100,000 children and earning over $200 million in scholarships through AmeriCorps. Later, he founded Acelero Learning to close the achievement gap for Head Start children. Impacting over 40,000 kids every day, children enrolled in Acelero’s programs make gains at nearly three times the national average. Aaron was born and raised in Arizona. He and his wife live in Phoenix, where they’re raising their two sons. Aaron’s daughter is studying history at Yale, his alma mater.

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