Release: CNN Story Raises Additional Questions About Hobbs Viability

January 18, 2022
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Release: CNN Story Raises Additional Questions About Hobbs Viability

PHOENIX - new CNN article by Maeve Reston addresses ongoing worries regarding Secretary Hobbs amidst the fallout from the Talonya Adams verdicts and raises serious questions about her ability to win a general election in Arizona. 

Excerpts from CNN Story Regarding Talonya Adams Verdicts:

[Regarding the Adams verdict] Through a campaign spokeswoman, Hobbs declined to speak to CNN for this story and did not respond to a series of written questions about the case and her handling of the termination.

[Aaron] Lieberman argued that Hobbs' role in firing an employee who repeatedly complained about her pay violated core Democratic values. "We want to uplift people; we want equal pay for equal work, and we want to fight against discrimination, not take part in it," he said. "The jury has spoken now twice, that Katie was part of this really unfortunate incident."

Normally Republicans "have to be creative and figure out how they are going to attack our candidates," Lieberman added. "These negative ads have already been written -- it's just Talonya Adams speaking to camera directly and saying Katie Hobbs is unfit to be governor," he added, explaining how he expects Adams' public comments in recent press conferences to be used against the party's would-be nominee in a general election.