No apology. No accountability.

November 18, 2021
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No apology. No accountability.

Statement from Aaron Lieberman



"It has now been 8 days since a federal jury found Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Senate guilty of workplace discrimination based on sex and race in the wrongful termination of Talonya Adams. 

"Since that time, Katie Hobbs has not said one word publicly. No apology. No accountability.  

"Her campaign has falsely shifted blame and misled voters about her role in the decision to fire Talonya and her “voluntarily” testifying when in fact she was subpoenaed. 
"That’s not the kind of leadership Arizona needs from a Governor.  
"Arizonans deserve an open and transparent leader who takes responsibility for their actions. As Democrats, we cannot simply look the other way because it is uncomfortable.
"We must live our values every day.  In this instance, Katie Hobbs has clearly failed to do so."