Release: Lieberman Responds To Racial Discrimination Case Involving Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

November 11, 2021
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Lieberman Responds To Racial Discrimination Case Involving Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

Statement from Aaron Lieberman

From Brahm Resnik's report - NBC 12 News


"I stand with Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy and other leaders in amplifying today’s verdict in Talonya Adams’ trial against Katie Hobbs and the Senate for Adams’ wrongful termination and retaliation based on sex and race.

“Being an effective Democratic leader is about more than just participating in partisan fights; it is about holding a key set of values and living those values all the time—especially when no one is watching.  The simple truth is that a jury of her peers has now concluded, twice, that Talonya Adams was fired by Katie Hobbs for asking to be paid as much as her white male counterparts. This type of discrimination is abhorrent to all Arizonans, regardless of party.  As Democrats, it should be unacceptable from someone who wants to serve as our nominee for Governor.

“Talonya Adams suffered the exact same fate that so many women and people of color face every single day: getting paid less money for doing the same job as your white male colleagues. She bravely confronted the very person who signed off on her firing -- cross-examining Secretary Hobbs directly on the witness stand.  The initial jury was so incensed by the testimony they awarded Talonya Adams a $1 million verdict.  Today’s jury went even further and awarded Talonya $2,750,000 in damages. These are the facts.

“Equal pay for equal work is a bedrock value of the Democratic Party. We need to have an open and honest discussion about what happened, who is accountable, and if we, as Democrats, are prepared to support a nominee for Governor who behaved in this manner just a few short years ago.  Two consecutive jury verdicts of racial discrimination and retaliation must call into question both Secretary Hobbs’ judgment and values.”