ICYMI: Lieberman Rolls Out Next Phase Of Let’s Grow Arizona Plan: Pre-K For All

March 11, 2022
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ICYMI: Lieberman Rolls Out Next Phase Of Let’s Grow Arizona Plan: Pre-K For All

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PHOENIX - Yesterday the Lieberman campaign hosted a press conference at EduCare Arizona. Lieberman shared the next phase of his Let’s Grow Arizona plan and announced key components of his Pre-K For All Policy. He also gave specifics on the first of many gradually increasing media buys.

Lieberman walked members of the media through the benefits of his proposed Universal Pre-K program including:

  • With qualified and well-compensated instructors equipped with an evidence-based curriculum, the transition to kindergarten will be smoother.
    The economic benefits of families having $7,000 more to spend instead of on preschool tuition.
  • Children that are in full-day, high-quality Pre-K have better education results and outcomes than those that do not.
  • With more children in Pre-K, there is a reduction in child health care costs, childcare costs, and reports of abuse and neglect.
  • When states invest in free, high-quality Universal Pre-K, for every dollar spent saves $13.00 in other budget areas.
  • More parents can return to the workforce if their four-year-olds are in a high-quality Pre-K program.
Lieberman made clear that his goal is to expand Pre-K membership from 15,000 in his first year as Governor to 60,000 in his fourth. The program would be open to any families that want it and families with the lowest incomes would be prioritized first. 

Lieberman estimates the first year of the program will cost $100 million and about $450 million by the fourth. This would be paid for using the State Budget surplus.

Lieberman’s media buy that coincides with the Let’s Grow rollout can be found here: Watch