ICYMI: Governor Ducey Signs Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate’s Bill Into Law


ICYMI: Governor Ducey Signs Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate’s Bill Into Law


August 3, 2021
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PHOENIX, AZ - Governor Ducey has signed HB2109 into law, bipartisan legislation sponsored by candidate for Arizona Governor, Aaron Lieberman. The signing ceremony included lawmakers and Arizona citizens impacted by Bingo License laws.

The bipartisan bill will streamline the state’s Bingo License process by addressing outdated statutes that were hamstringing non-profit organizations like the VFW and senior citizen's groups whose games were stopping earlier and earlier every year as the decades-old legal thresholds were quickly met. With the signing of today’s bill, senior citizens, veterans, and other groups will be able to continue the long-standing tradition of bingo in their communities.

A resident of Palm Lakes Village, Connie Rogers who helped champion the bill, had this to say, “This bill that I wanted to pass is really important to me.  It is really important to me for the elderly to be able to play bingo. We had to stop playing early in the year because we would hit a limit that was last adjusted 30 years ago. At the start of this, I tried getting ahold of other elected officials, but Aaron is the only one that called me back.  He helped me so much to get this bill done.  I am just so happy it got passed and it means so much to me and the veterans and others who will benefit from this.  I appreciate Aaron Lieberman because he is down to earth and he’s a great person to work with.”

Campaign Manager Miguel Medrano added to Rogers’s sentiment, “Many candidates talk about being bipartisan, Aaron has actually done it. As someone who is above petty politics and just wants to solve problems facing our state,  Aaron is the leader Arizona needs right now.  

Aaron Lieberman, state representative for Legislative District 28 and a social entrepreneur, is a candidate for governor of Arizona. After seeing first-hand the effectiveness and success of early childhood intervention programs, Aaron launched Jumpstart, a national nonprofit to ensure all children had the opportunity to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.  To date, more than 50,000 college students have served, working with more than 100,000 children and earning over $200 million in scholarships through AmeriCorps. Later, he founded Acelero Learning to close the achievement gap for Head Start children. Impacting over 40,000 kids every day, children enrolled in Acelero’s programs make gains at nearly three times the national average. Aaron was born and raised in Arizona. He and his wife live in Phoenix, where they’re raising their two sons. Aaron’s daughter is studying history at Yale, his alma mater.

For more information, please visit aaron4az.com. Follow Aaron on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram at @aaron4az.