Airbnb Short Term Rentals

In my time at the legislature, Airbnbs and short-term rentals were one of the issues I heard about most from constituents. It was heartbreaking to hear from so many residents how their entire quality of life had been affected by party houses that were run as businesses right in our neighborhoods.

The reality is what one town needs or wants to do is and should be quite different from another. Sedona is different from Phoenix which is different from Paradise Valley. As I learned from my days as a CEO in the private sector, the best answer usually comes from those closest to the problem.

My proposal is simple: let’s go back to the way it was before the legislature passed SB1350 in 2015 and allow cities and towns to regulate them. People have the right to feel safe in their neighborhoods, and our cities and towns should be allowed to decide if these properties are in the best interest for their community.  

This is a top priority for me.  As Governor, I will commit to not signing a budget until the legislature deals with this issue in my first year in office.