Release: Lieberman Responds To Hobbs Fundraising Number, A Vote For Hobbs Is A Vote For Kari Lake

January 10, 2022
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Release: Lieberman Responds To Hobbs Fundraising Number, 
A Vote For Hobbs Is A Vote For Kari Lake

Statement from Aaron Lieberman


"Katie Hobbs was telling supporters she had raised $2 million in July before I even got in this race. If that was a true statement, her final total of $2.9 million reflects a dramatic slow down of her fundraising, especially in light of the Talonya Adams racial discrimination verdict coming out in early November. Far from gaining momentum, the simple truth is Katie’s campaign is sputtering.  

“Noticeably absent from Katie Hobbs' public statement is what she raised since the jury verdict that established her as the central figure in the firing of Talonya Adams and Ms. Adams’ subsequent successful discrimination case. We reported raising $350,000 in December alone, and from Katie’s silence, can only assume we outraised her campaign in the final stretch of the year. 

“The truth of the matter is that money isn't the issue for Secretary Hobbs, the issue is the racial discrimination verdict against her that came out in November that means it will be next to impossible for her to win a general election. Even more troubling is the simple fact that if Katie Hobbs is the Democratic nominee for Governor, she will put Democrats up and down the ballot at risk. That’s the reason why my campaign surged toward the end of the year, while Katie’s has been stalling. Numbers don’t lie.

“A vote for Katie Hobbs in the primary is a vote for Kari Lake as Governor.”
Aaron Lieberman is a former state representative for Legislative District 28 and a social entrepreneur. He is a candidate for governor of Arizona. After seeing first-hand the effectiveness and success of early childhood intervention programs, Aaron launched Jumpstart, a national nonprofit to ensure all children had the opportunity to enter kindergarten prepared to succeed.  To date, more than 50,000 college students have served, working with more than 100,000 children and earning over $200 million in scholarships through AmeriCorps. Later, he founded Acelero Learning to close the achievement gap for Head Start children. Impacting over 40,000 kids every day, children enrolled in Acelero’s programs make gains at nearly three times the national average. Aaron was born and raised in Arizona. He and his wife live in Phoenix, where they’re raising their two sons. Aaron’s daughter is studying history at Yale, his alma mater.

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