Meet Aaron

Social entrepreneur. State Representative. Problem solver.

Aaron Lieberman came into the state legislature armed with a life-long commitment to service and fearless approach to problem-solving. Now he wants to bring that same results-oriented focus and track record of success to the governor’s office. Aaron will be the governor Arizona needs - the right leader, right now

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Aaron on the Issues

Learn about Aaron’s platform and what he’ll prioritize as Arizona’s next Governor.

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Why Aaron?


COMMITTED TO SERVICE. From founding a nonprofit providing low-income children access to life-changing educational support to building a professional life focused on creating opportunities and solving problems, Aaron has dedicated his life to serving others. Putting Arizona first will be his top priority as governor.


AN EXPERIENCED EXECUTIVE. Aaron has successfully navigated the nonprofit and for-profit worlds at every stage of his career. He understands how to build organizations from the ground up, how to work with people from diverse backgrounds, and how to measure outcomes to make a difference. Particularly as the state recovers from COVID, Arizona needs an experienced executive in its governor’s office.


REFORM-MINDED, RESULTS-ORIENTED. Throughout his career, Aaron has focused on making a positive impact. He’s unafraid to question the old ways and explore innovative, yet common sense solutions to achieve goals. Putting people first and politics aside, Aaron will keep Arizona focused on the results its communities need.


A PROVEN WINNER. As a first-time legislative candidate, Aaron knocked on over 5,000 doors and outraised every other State House candidate - challenger or incumbent. That hard work made the difference as he became the first Democrat to ever win that seat in Legislative District 28. No one will outwork Aaron to win voters’ trust and support.